Some Common Dream Meanings I By Dr Nikki Your dreams carry messages to the outer you from your inner knowing. There are universal dreams that nearly all of us have experienced. Dreams like those when you are falling or showing up to work naked are examples of universal dreams.


How to Analyze Your Dream By Dr Nikki There are three types of dreams: Precognitive dreams, telling dreams, and “junk” dreams. Precognitive dreams take the form of a dream that tells you something specific about a future event. A telling dream reveals areas of your life that need attention or are out of balance. The […]


Telling Dreams and Your Dream Diary By Dr Nikki Dreams are the key to our subconscious. Dreams are integral as a part of our inner psyche. They are able to grant us a look inside and bring information in to focus. Both Drs. Freud and Jung concurred on the single point that our dreams can […]