Candles: Magenta

Magenta is considered a high vibration color and is rarely used alone in candle work.  Due to the associated high vibration of the color Magenta is normally used in association with other colors to help make things happen in a faster period of time.    When it is used by itself, Magenta is used in prayers for spiritual healing, exorcisms and […]

Happy Samhain!

Is Samhain’s Ancient Past Seen In Modern Halloween Observances? The festival of Samhain (literally “summer’s end” – pronounced Sow-en) represents literally millennia of observance and standing among the Celtic peoples of Northern Europe.  Samhain was the traditional time when the earth died and rested, to be reborn with the warmth of the spring.   It was […]

Candles: Grey

Although not as well known as the basic primary colors, this secondary color has a prime place in candle color associations.  Grey emits a neutral energy which means that it is acceptable to any situation.    When you feel like you are going into a threatening situation or heading for a direct confrontation, it is said that the burning of a grey […]

Candles: Green

Green has long held a dual meaning in mankind’s associations.  Modern vernacular is peppered with  colloquialisms that prove this point.  Jealously is a green-eyed monster; someone can be green with envy.  Green grow the rushes, growing green (referring to making money), etc.  These trite and oft repeated phrases are indicative of the emotional response of the human animal. With it being […]

Candles: Gold

Gold both as a stone and as a color has been venerated by man for eons.  Burials thousands of years old contain beautifully crafted gold worked into fantastic masks, cloaks, shoes and personal items.    Associated with strong masculine Gods such as the Egyptian God Ra, the Roman God Apollo, and most other higher echelon deities, many others, gold is essential […]

Candles: Brown

Brown has long been associated with Mother Earth.  It is used as an alternative color for the north in many nature based belief systems.   Brown truly represents the soul of the earth – the very soil within which the Earth gives forth her bounty of nature.  Soil can run from a deep rich dark black (ever seen Mississippi mud?) to […]


Light has been an important part of spiritual ceremony since man has learned how to control fire to light his hearth to heat his food and to light the darkness of the night around him. Whether to light the face of the teller of the tales or to burn as a novena candle in church, candles have been an important part […]

The Runes of the Elder Futhark

Runes are an old and long recognized writing system, far more than most people believe. While most people think Viking or, thanks to Tolkein, Elf, or Hobbit when they hear the word “Rune,” the history is actually older and far more involved than that. Now lost to the pages of history, the origin of the […]


Thurisa is called the Gateway Rune. It’s glyph is used in drawing and sketching gateways. Gateways represent moving from one space into another. Gateways and their symbols abound in modern culture. Whether it is the gate at the secure neighborhood, or the gate for the remote ranch, or the “gate” of the doorjamb which is […]