Your Power Journal – Keeping Track

By Dr Nikki Do you know what works for you? Are you aware of when you achieve and things are going well? How about when you are having one of those days when life just sucks? Do you have a way to track the patterns of your life? A Power Journal can help you answer […]

You Have the Power to Make Your Dream Come True

By Dr Nikki Oh, yes, you do! You have the power to make your dreams come true! It may not always be an easy path, but if you can dream it, you have the power to do it. Dreams are as different and individual as each one of us. Some dreams are huge and take […]

Loneliness – You Can Beat Back the Beast

By Dr Nikki “Have you ever been lonely have you ever been blue” Patsy Cline Loneliness. We have all felt it at one time or another. Songs have been written about it and It is that feeling of cold emptiness. That thought of being set-apart and feeling somehow different from everyone else, separate and alone. […]


Some Common Dream Meanings I By Dr Nikki Your dreams carry messages to the outer you from your inner knowing. There are universal dreams that nearly all of us have experienced. Dreams like those when you are falling or showing up to work naked are examples of universal dreams.


How to Analyze Your Dream By Dr Nikki There are three types of dreams: Precognitive dreams, telling dreams, and “junk” dreams. Precognitive dreams take the form of a dream that tells you something specific about a future event. A telling dream reveals areas of your life that need attention or are out of balance. The […]


Telling Dreams and Your Dream Diary By Dr Nikki Dreams are the key to our subconscious. Dreams are integral as a part of our inner psyche. They are able to grant us a look inside and bring information in to focus. Both Drs. Freud and Jung concurred on the single point that our dreams can […]

Business and Spirit

Making Money Is Not a Bad Thing By Dr Nikki It is a common misconception that you cannot be successful in business and still be a spiritual person. Some feel that spiritual belief precludes a desire for money. If you want fiscal security you are somehow a greedy miser with a heart of ice or […]

Life in a small town is different

Dateline – July 13, 2016 Life in a small town is different. You can’t just pick up the phone and order a pizza or oriental take out and have it delivered to your door. It is frustrating at times, but there is a peacefulness to the slower cycles of life that is grounding and re-affirming.

Summer’s Warm Blessings

It has been a busy month here at the Center! We have been spending a lot of time working in the garden and the grounds. There is a lot of work to do, but we have the blessings of Summer’s warmth to help keep us motivated. The garden is coming in much better than we […]