Pluralism Project

Black Rose Spiritual Center is proud to be a participant in the Harvard University Pluralism Project. 
This long term project was undertaken by the University beginning in the fall of 1990. 

The stated mission of the Pluralism Project is:

Our mission is to help Americans engage with the realities of religious diversity through research, outreach, and the active dissemination of resources.


Please visit the Pluralism Project website
They have a comprehensive website which has information on everything from just what Pluralism is, why the project was begun, to America’s many religions!  Dedicated to education and studying the changing atmosphere of religion in America, the staff of the project has done an excellent job in collecting information and data-basing it for easy retrieval.  Many of our searches for deeper information into belief systems, interactions between belief systems and more is stated at The Pluralism Project homepage.

To find our entry you can search the database for Black Rose Spiritual Center.