By Dr Nikki

Have you ever been lonely have you ever been blue” Patsy Cline


hum3We have all felt it at one time or another. Songs have been written about it and It is that feeling of cold emptiness. That thought of being set-apart and feeling somehow different from everyone else, separate and alone. It is defined as sadness because you have no friends or family loneliness troubles many.

Sometimes it is because we have moved from our family for a new opportunity. Other times it may be that we needed to remove ourselves from a negative environment. Regardless of the reason creating it, loneliness stinks. But you need not stay trapped with the beast of loneliness. Our natural state is happiness and the Law of Abundance reminds us that we attract what we think. Loneliness is a temporary state we have the power to change.

Here are five ways to help keep you from succumbing to loneliness.

1. Stay Positive: A positive attitude can make a whole world of difference. When you maintain a positive attitude you are more likely to attract positive people. Find a happy thought to use to add an extra pizzazz to your smile. Keeping an upbeat attitude with help keep you interacting with your new environment in an inviting way.

2. Don’t Isolate Yourself: Especially when in a new area it is easy to crawl into your shell and hide from the world. Make getting out and about in your new community and meeting new people a priority. This is especially important if you are one of those who choose to keep their work and personal lives separate.

3. Be Interactive and Proactive: Take steps to push loneliness to the background. Try volunteering for something you believe in; it is a great way to meet new people you share some kind of interest in. Another way to be proactive is to join a club. From Toastmasters to religious organizations, civic groups, special interest clubs, or the local PTA at your kids’ new school, there are a variety of organizations that allow you to participate in something you are interested in and get to meet new people.

4. Education Can Help: Loneliness is not easy. Some day’s loneliness can weigh on you so heavily it feels like you will never escape it. However, understanding the loneliness you feel can help to dispel it in several ways. You will soon learn that nearly 10% of North Americans suffer from chronic loneliness, which allows you to see that you are not alone in your loneliness. By learning more about the condition of loneliness you can dispel some of its negative effects. And, by taking a class you could be putting yourself in a situation where you can meet new people.

5. Create a “Local Family”: This takes some time to create a family of friends, but it is worth the energy and effort. In the modern world where people travel away from home for new jobs or school, creating a family in your new location needs to be an important entry on your list of things to do. For many these families are as close if not closer than blood kin who, because of the miles, are a lifetime away and can no longer share the life you are living, although their love for you is always there.

There are those lucky few out there who are completely comfortable in their own company. For most of us, however, the simple joys of companionship and having people to share the ups and downs with is the stuff that truly makes life matter. Have the courage to give yourself the best chance for happiness.

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