Life in a small town is different

Dateline – July 13, 2016

back-deck-stairs-meadowLife in a small town is different. You can’t just pick up the phone and order a pizza or oriental take out and have it delivered to your door. It is frustrating at times, but there is a peacefulness to the slower cycles of life that is grounding and re-affirming.

The garden is growing like crazy! We will be harvesting early cabbages soon. The corn is only a few feet high, but it is already putting on silk. Mr. Sam was able to get in contact with the local Food Bank folks and we know when and where to take the nutritious wholesome food we are growing. The summer squash have started to come in and watering is a daily chore if there is no rain. The spinach has run its course and we pulled the last of it yesterday. Everything seems to be growing.

rasberries-02-webWhat do you do when your neighbor writes a quick e-mail asking you to come help harvest their raspberries? Well, you grab a couple of buckets, make sure you have a liner and a paper towel and you tromp through the overgrown grass growing in the woods at the property line. We got well over six cups in our first harvest and will be making some freezer jam this evening. It will be a lovely treat to have later this year to remind us of the warm summer sun when the winter snows have arrived.


deer-eating-meadow-webThe fawns have emerged from their sleepy hollows in the alder groves. We see them daily now frolicking in the year or dashing after butterflies while mom gets a few bites of grass. They are a yearly experience and we have been looking forward to seeing them.

Got another e-mail from the neighbors, they saw a young male cougar (mountain lion) in their yard between the house and the garden. These majestic creatures are amazingly beautiful and agile. We have also seen a beautiful cinnamon colored black bear, a moose, rabbits, elk, and the tracks of a raccoon. Fish abound in the pond. They are joined by a strong frog population, and their croaking is a soothing sound down on the deck at the cabin.

The adage of “many hands make light work” is oh, so very true. We had not had a chance to work at getting the shop together and organized. It was that place where we had stashed all the things we didn’t know what to do with. With some help from family volunteers (thanks Abbie and Mike) we were able to get most of the shop cleared out and ready to be used. There is still a little left to do, but not nearly what we started with.

We hope you are having a chance to watch the dust motes float slowly in the air as you feel a deep sense of peace and contentment.