Legal Definition of Spiritual Counseling

Black Rose Spiritual Center offers spiritual counseling to those who are seeking a closer connection with the Divine.  Spiritual Counseling incorporates pastoral counseling elements and techniques and combines them with life experiences to create a focused spiritual perspective in order to assist the Seeker on their Spiritual Path.  We believe that in Spiritual Counseling our task is to discover the positive messages in our lives; to realize the effect our own choices have on our spiritual nature, and to “then free ourselves from unwanted and unnecessary burdens and restrictions (Hupp,2001).”  In our Spiritual Counseling sessions we attempt to help the individual focus on actions, outmoded ways of thinking and decision making processes that leave them feeling less connected and bereft of the connection to the Spirit which we believe is inherent in mankind.  We believe that all aspect of one’s life has an effect on one’s connection with the Divine and that a closer connection to one’s true spiritual self is an essential part of a healthy life.

Black Rose Spiritual Center is a Montana Corporation and is governed by the laws of that state.

Under Montana Code 37-23-201, “pastoral counselor” is stated as a separate and distinct form of counseling help than that of a psychology professional such as a licensed counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist.  All of our volunteers and clergy who perform spiritual counseling services are members of the clergy and all counseling performed under the guise of spiritual counseling.

Montana Code 37-17-1-4 states, in part:  “(1) qualified members of other professions from doing work of a psychological nature consistent with their training if they do not hold themselves out to the public by title or description incorporating the word psychology or psychologist.”