Some Common Dream Meanings I

By Dr Nikki

flutter10Your dreams carry messages to the outer you from your inner knowing. There are universal dreams that nearly all of us have experienced. Dreams like those when you are falling or showing up to work naked are examples of universal dreams.

Keep in mind that dreams are often symbolic rather than literal in their meaning. For example, a dream about a spouse cheating does not necessarily mean that they are! Actually it represents the dreamer’s feelings of insecurity and neglect.

Here are ten universal dreams and their meanings.

Apocalyptic: These dreams do not indicate a terrible ending to the known world. Rather, apocalyptic dreams relate to change. Is it time to let go of someone or something? Are you holding on to an old way of being that is holding you back from accepting positive change in your life?

Back to School: Dreams about going back to school are all about personal stress. This meaning can be heightened when taking a test is part of the dream. Are you overwhelmed with home and/or work responsibilities? Have you lost touch with your inner child?

Being Chased/Running For Your Life: Dreams of fright and flight – being chased or running for your life – are an indicator that you are avoiding facing an issue or a person. Are you being true to who you are? Are you hiding from a needed confrontation?

Cell Phone Problem: Normally a dream about not being able to use the keypad on your cell phone, these dreams are pointing to a communication issue. Are you listening but not hearing the words of a loved one? Are you too busy talking to hear what is said?

Falling: Dreams of falling are indicators that it is time to make sure that you are keeping your ego and attitude in check. Are you reaching higher than your actions can sustain and now are afraid of the fall? Fear of loss and fear of failure are often represented by falling in dreams.

Flying: Dreams of flying may come from a childhood enjoyment of swings and could represent the desire to return to the freedom and joys associated with that time in your life. Is it time to allow for a little playfulness and fun? Are you taking life too seriously?

Lover Cheating: This dream has nothing to do with infidelity and everything to do with your own feelings of insecurity and neglect. Are you expressing your needs in a straightforward and honest manner? Are you being honest with yourself about your emotional needs?

Showing Up To Work Or School Naked: Dreams of nakedness can be expressing a need to remove societal constraints and norms, returning to the innocence of childhood. Are you being too serious? Have you forgotten how to take joy from the simple moments in life?

Snakes: Snakes are an ancient dream symbol and are often associated with fertility. Snakes may also represent the need for healing or the nurturing powers of Mother Earth. Snake dreams can also carry a strong sensual/sexual component, or a psychic association.

Teeth Falling Out: This dream is all about communication. When you dream about your teeth falling out, you are having a dream about how you communicate with yourself and others. Are you not being honest with yourself about how you are interacting with those around you.

Dreams are an important part of your psyche and can tell you much should you but take the time to unravel the symbolism that holds their meaning. If you would like to learn more about your dreams, I invite you to visit me in my Free Chat at