How to Donate

Black Rose Spiritual Center, Inc., is a non-profit organization. Along with our numerous fundraising activities, we depend on the kind donations of those who choose to support our causes of promoting tolerance and understanding between religious belief systems along with providing services to those who have chosen a solo spiritual path. As we are a certified non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service (we are listed in Publication 78) your kind contributions are tax deductible.

Donations can be made in a variety of ways including:
Direct Mail (check or money order) to:
Black Rose Spiritual Center, Inc.
826 Cape Ave,
Bozeman, MT 59715

Credit Card via:

Black Rose Spiritual Center – The Next Phase

We are currently positioning our organization to purchase a permanent location and be able to move into the next phase of our growth in caring for the spiritual needs of our fellow man. We are in the fund-raising phase and expect to purchase property late 2014 with an eye towards moving to the new location in July 2015. We are currently looking in northwestern Montana.

In our expansion into a permanent location that will allow us to expand into our next phase of operation. The location will be used to have a meeting hall – big enough for 100 – with commercial kitchen – for group events, weddings inside, etc., and rectory; Meditation Paths; Meditation Points; low density/no technology camping – number of spaces depending on space; Garage/Shop – Place for work area, candle making, etc.;
Trout Pond large enough for commercial raising of salmonid or catfish; Rose Garden – for weddings and meditations; Community Garden; parking; and, if appropriate, a Food Bank if there is none in the area.

We are looking for a permanent location that allows for a meeting hall and grounds that would allow us to expand our services and provide for such things as: Sunday Afternoon Meeting and Pot luck; Fireside Chats; Spirit Walks – focused around the grounds; No Technology Game Nights – evenings in the main hall where we play games like chess, Parchessi, 9 Man Morris, or have storytelling nights; Crystal Sisters – focusing on women’s issues and community among women; Hootenanny’s and more.

We are expecting to offer a variety of services in the new location such as: Spiritual Counseling – LoveDrNikki; Center on the Web; Meditation Paths/Points; Saturday Night Suppers; Re-Connection Retreats; Writing Workshops; Seminars.