Church on the Web

As a faith-based organization, our primary focus is the spiritual health and well-being of our members and the community at large. A main tenant of our faith is to serve mankind. We are dedicated to serving those who have chosen the solo spiritual path. In the modern society, many people are solo practitioners of their faith. We believe that one should participate in religious worship out of a desire to commune with the Divine rather than the need to placate an overzealous individual.

We are in the fund-raising phase to purchase a permanent location for the organization. At this time our primary service is done through the internet. Please check our Daily Blessings and Services pages for more information on the services we provide.

Our Standard Services

The following is an overview of one of our standard services

  • Services begin with a welcoming and request for the presence of the Divine
  • Congregation is asked to observe a one minute silent prayer and devotion
  • Clergy will open discussion with an overview of the service topic. (Sample topics include things like how to incorporate your spirituality more deeply into your everyday life, living with nature, how to tune in to your spirituality, nurturing your own spirit along with that of your connection with the Divine, we are all star stuff, etc.)
  • Open forum discussion for the topic and how it may be applied to our lives
  • Clergy leads congregation in final prayer and group appreciation for the presence of the Divine.

Beginning in September we will renew our monthly “Church on the Web” activities where we host an open chat services at Dr. Nikki live on Oranum

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