Making Money Is Not a Bad Thing

By Dr Nikki

business-spiritIt is a common misconception that you cannot be successful in business and still be a spiritual person. Some feel that spiritual belief precludes a desire for money. If you want fiscal security you are somehow a greedy miser with a heart of ice or you are uncaring for your fellow man.

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, most spiritual belief systems incorporate a strong work ethic as part of the appropriate way to interact with the world. Both the Koran and the Bible contain verses lauding those who work and give their best. The Law of Abundance states that the universe is filled with abundance and you but have to be open to receive it.

There is a big difference between what is legal and what is moral or ethical in business practice. The legal system sets parameters within which all businesses must operate in the context of society and helps to promote a fair baseline. But, can a large business operate with strong moral values and still gain a viable return on investment for the ownership? Of course it can! And, it can allow for the business to give back to the community as well.

Money, in and of itself, is a neutral. It has neither positive nor negative energy on its own. It is the intent behind it that imbues money with spiritual energy. If you are offering a good service or product at a fair price, then you are imbuing the money you garner with positive energy. If you are taking advantage of your customers by overcharging or price gouging, then you are likely imbuing the income with negative energy.

Success in business is normally the result of hard work and diligent effort, along with a strong personal and financial investment. There are sleepless nights, days when you wonder why you even bother, times when you are counting pennies to make payroll or trying to decide which of the many worthy causes you should donate too. In other words, you have earned the income you have garnered from your business through hard work, therefore, imbuing it with positive energy.

If you still believe it is wrong to make money, then why do most religions ask for donations? Even mosques and churches must pay the bills. The synagogue has to have the roof repaired just as much as any other building and these expenses cost money. Religious organizations rely on the donations of its membership and benefactors in order to operate. You rely on your income to provide for your needs in the same exact way.

A shining example of how money and business can be used for good is TOMS’ One for One program. As a part of the corporate structure for every purchase made a person in need is helped. When you have money you can do good things with it. Spirit is about growth and advancement, making life better for all. Money is simply the vehicle to provide for that to happen.

Used in a positive form the money you make in business can be the vehicle that can allow for your dreams come true. Plus, you have the joy of being able to help others in need. Do not shy away from your success! Embrace it, savor it, and create good with it.

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