About the Organization

Black Rose Spiritual Center is a non-profit spiritual center dedicated to promoting tolerance and understanding among religious belief systems of today, both esoteric and mainstream.

“In our direct spiritual work, we are geared toward working with seekers one on one as they continue their life’s journey. It is our hope and purpose to provide an ever expanding informative website that allows for individuals to learn about different aspects of spiritual life through their own desires and speeds.”


All income derived from the readings are used to fund and operate Black Rose Spiritual Center.


To provide a place of observance, a community, and a connecting point for like-minded individuals who identify themselves as being on a spiritual path or journey; to provide for all manner of spiritual services by trained spiritual professionals, facilitate communication between members of all esoteric religions and those of the more common religions of the present day; to educate the general public and members of the Spiritual Center to promote tolerance and understanding between spiritual belief systems.

Visit with Dr. Nikki live on Oranum

Through one on one sessions via telephone, internet (video or chat), and/or e-mail, seekers can receive direct consultation with Dr. Nikki, professional life coach and spiritual counselor.