Black Rose Spiritual Center, Inc :
The Staff and  Volunteers
of Black Rose Spiritual Center, Inc.
Black Rose Spiritual Center is fortunate to have a dedicated group of staff and
volunteers who make things happen.  Here is some information on our primary
Dr. Nikki Judge Delaney

Dr. Nikki is the founder of Black Rose Spiritual Center,
Inc., and you can learn more about her
Mr. Dennis A.
(aka “Mr. Sam”)

Mr. Sam is the behind the
scenes guy here at Black
Rose Spiritual Center.  An
ordained clergyman himself,
Ms. Marissa Tilton

Marissa is our jewel.  She has been a volunteer with
Mr. D. R. Ruffing
(aka "Ruff"  )
(DRRuff Com (LLC))
Our volunteers are very important to us and they are a big part of being
able to provide the services we do!  We wouldn’t be able to have achieved
all that we have in the past five years without all  their help!
Dr. Nikki is a member
of the Board of
Directors of Black
Rose Spiritual Center.
Black Rose Spiritual
Center  for several
years now.  This past
year, in recognition
of her service to the
Center, she has been
appointed to the
Board of Directors
of Black Rose
Spiritual Center.
Mr. Sam’s primary work is on the operations side of the
center along with performing ceremonies such as
weddings.  However, Mr. Sam primarily serves Black
Rose Spiritual as our fund-raiser.  Mr. Sam is a member
of the Board of Directors of Black Rose Spiritual
Center and is an integral part of what we do.
Ruff is our website administrator and astrology
reports officer.  Without this wonderful gentleman’s
help we would not be on the web. It truly is that
simple.  His consistent patience and calm nudging
have kept us on track through a long an arduous
task.  He has taken notes and ideas and created a
website that we are very proud of!

A special thank you to all of you who have given so much!  (In order to
ensure their privacy, the last names of our volunteers have been withheld.)
Abbie, Hank, Sharon, Veronica, Moira, Liz, Ezra, Rowdy,
Chris, Debbie, Michelle, John, Tommi, Jared, Jane, Gary

And so many others who have helped us here and there along the way!!
Here are some of our
staff and volunteers
at work and play.
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