doctrines would restrict each individual who must seek and follow his or her own individual and unique
path of spiritual growth. Rigid dogmas severely limit the free exercise of reason for those seeking
spiritual truth.

UCM seeks to promote the essential Christian principles as set forth in the following statements: (1) We
believe in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. (2) We believe that all phenomena that
occur within the realms of nature, both physical and spiritual, are manifestations of infinite intelligence.
(3) We believe that true religion is discovered by understanding the laws of nature and of God, and by
living in harmony therewith. (4) We believe that personal identity and individual memory continue after
the transitional experience called death. (5) We believe that communication with those in the unseen or
ethereal world is a fully proven, scientifically demonstrated fact. (6) We believe that the Golden Rule,
"Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye also unto them," embodies the essence of
morality. (7) We believe that every individual is morally self responsible and that happiness flows from
obedience to the laws of nature and of God, and that unhappiness and misery follow from disobedience
to these laws. (8) We believe that genuine improvement and the reformation of the human soul are
always possible in this world and in the next. (9) We believe that the potential for prophecy exists in our
times as it did in biblical days. (10) We believe that the universe, as a spiritual system expressing divine
wisdom, makes possible the eternal progress of the aspiring soul who loves truth and goodness.

Beyond the Holy Bible, authoritative literature used as the basic materials for UCM's teachings includes
A New Text of Spiritual Philosophy and Religion, and The Minister's Guide and Service Book, both by
B. J. Fitzgerald (second president of UCM), and The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi

UCM seeks to foster the ideal of human brotherhood under the fatherhood of the Supreme Deity, the one
Ever Living God. All men are brothers, and when they hurt one another they hurt themselves. When one
segment of the human family is held back, the progress of all is retarded. Nothing will speed the progress
of mankind more than the practical implementation of the Golden Rule in all areas of human endeavor:
In political and sociological realms as well as in religious expressions and personal conduct.

The Universal Church of the Master is governed by a corporate Board of Trustees which has full
administrative jurisdiction over UCM. Board members are elected at the annual meeting of ministers to
serve three year terms. The Board of Trustees appoints the President and approves the selection of the
other appointed officers. The Board and the Officers together comprise the Governing Board whose task
is to extend the work and membership of the church, supervise its teachings and manage its business

UCM charters churches and issues ministerial credentials. Credentials are issued to: (1) Licentiate
Ministers who have qualified as student ministers; (2) Healer Practitioners who have qualified for the
healing ministry and have otherwise qualified as student ministers; (3) Ordained Ministers who have
been granted the full powers of the ministry. Individual church charters are issued to ordained UCM
ministers. The charter authorizes the minister to organize and operate a church or some other religious
institution subordinate to the requirements of the corporate Board of Trustees.

An Ordained Minister is authorized to perform all of the religious and temporal duties recognized as
those of a minister of the gospel, including, but not limited to: Teaching the tenets and objectives of this
corporate church; giving counsel and spiritual assistance; delivering prophesy; warning and exhorting
any individual for their spiritual and temporal good; performing marriage ceremonies, baptisms, and
burial services; and administering spiritual and divine healing.

Licentiate Ministers and Healer Practitioners are authorized to perform various religious duties,
including healing services, only under the direction and supervision of an ordained UCM minister.
Licentiate Ministers and Healer Practitioners are not authorized to solemnize marriages, nor to perform
any other religious functions that are regulated by law.

There are no specific worship requirements. Most services follow a conventional Protestant service
format, with the inclusion of healing, prophecy and messages from spirit.

No restrictions.

UCM ministers conduct funeral services in accordance with the practices of the church. Autopsies and
cremations are permitted.

No restrictions.

(1) UCM does not take a position on service in the armed forces. (2) The church recruits primarily by word
of mouth and by advertisements in various periodicals. (3) UCM cooperates with other spiritual groups
and its services are open to people of all faiths.

The Holy Bible
Fitzgerald, B.J. A New Text of Spiritual Philosophy and Religion. San Jose, CA: UCM, 1954. 193pp.
The Minister's Guide and Service Book. Marina Del Rey, CA: DeVorss & Co, 1955. 156pp.
Dowling, Levi. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. London: L.N. Fowler Co., 14th ed., 1916. 260pp.

Rev. Birdie Peterson, President
Universal Church of the Master
501 Washington Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 248-3624
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Universal Church of the Master
National Headquarters
501 Washington Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050


UCM consists of two types of members: Minister members and lay
members. Lay members are those who formally subscribe to the principles
expressed in the UCM Constitution and By Laws and become members
of any UCM church operating under a charter issued by the National

The Universal Church of the Master was formed in 1908 in Los Angeles,
California, and was incorporated a decade later. While UCM has always
emphasized all of the manifestations of Spiritual Gifts [1 Cor. 12], its
earliest attention was focused on the gifts of healing and the healing
ministries, as well as the gifts of wisdom and knowledge, prophecy and
the discerning of spirits. Within the last eighty years, UCM has
established ministries and churches throughout the United States, with
notable concentrations in California and Florida. A few churches have
been chartered outside the United States.

The Universal Church of the Master, by its name, recognizes and
emphasizes not only the personal mastery that Jesus Christ exhibited
over his physical environment, but also the spiritual gifts or powers that
He demonstrated during his three years of public ministry. It is the
position of UCM that this same mastery and these same spiritual gifts
can be and have been demonstrated by far lesser persons that Jesus
Christ, the Great Master. Moreover, we believe in the promise: "He that
believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works
than these shall he do." [ John 14: 12]. With proper study, self discipline
and training, any truly sincere and devout person can receive and
manifest these same spiritual gifts or powers (particularly as outlined in
I Cor. 12). Hence, UCM is appropriately described as a church based
upon metaphysical principles (i.e.: spiritual laws which are beyond and
behind physical appearances).

UCM recognizes that Truth, as such, issues forth from a vast spectrum
of sources and, therefore, discourages the establishment of narrow creeds,
dogmas, and tenets, holding that rigid adherence to strict dogmas and
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