Karma can be expiated through good works, the rendering of service to life to make up for past wrongs.
A major tool in the balancing of karmic debts is the use of what the Church calls the "science of the
spoken Word." This science combines prayer, meditation, and visualization with what are called
"dynamic decrees. " These are affirmations using the name of God "I AM THAT I AM," to call to God to
direct His light into the solving of both personal and planetary problems. Examples of specific problems
for which Church members decree are: crime, pollution, drugs, official corruption, child abuse, abortion,
the economy, AIDS, and the threat of war and cataclysmic earth changes.

The Church publishes a very wide range of religious literature, but a list of its most revered works
includes Climb the Highest Mountain, The Lost Years of Jesus, The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Volumes I
through 4, in addition to the Holy Bible.

Church members observe the Sabbath, which is a period of time from dusk on Saturday until dusk on
Sunday. This period is generally set aside on a weekly basis for the giving of religious services, although
there is no specific policy regarding avoidance of work. A member in good standing of the Church
participates in three formal services weekly: a Wednesday evening service, a Saturday evening service,
and a Sunday service some time during the day. Members in good standing also give a daily ritual of
prayers, invocations and dynamic decrees,  alone if necessary or with a Church group when possible.  

The Church conducts quarterly conferences to which all members are invited. These quarterly conferences
occur on the New Year, during Easter time, over the Fourth of July, and in October at the time of
Columbus Day.  These conferences last anywhere from five days to a period of two weeks.  Members
worldwide are encouraged to attend at least one of these events annually. The Church also conducts
weekend seminars throughout the year.  

The following are Church holy days during the year at which special services are given and in which
members are encouraged to participate.

January 1 -- New Year's Day
February 26 -- Ascension of the Church's founder, Mark L. Prophet
The Holy Week of Easter, particularly Easter Sunday
April or May -- Ascension day of Jesus the Christ
(approximately 40 days after Easter on a Thursday)
May -- Wesak Day Honoring Lord Buddha
July 4th -- Independence Day (1776)
August 15 -- The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
November 1 -- All Saint's Day
4th Thursday in November -- Thanksgiving
December 24 -- Christmas Eve
December 25 -- Christmas Day

The Church is a non profit, tax exempt religious corporation functioning under Section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code. Its administrative affairs are operated by a Board of Directors appointed under
the organization's legal charter and bylaws.  

Church sacraments are administered by ordained and lay ministers, and religious services are conducted by
both ministers and missionaries.

The Church has ordained as well as lay ministers, and an active missionary program. Ordained ministers
are authorized to administer the sacraments of the Church; lay ministers are considered ordained
ministers in training and administer some sacraments and conduct the rituals and services of the Church;
missionaries of the Church conduct outreach programs in the United States and in various countries
around the world.

Active members are involved in daily worship services, also known as decree or prayer sessions. These
involve the giving of prayers, decrees and songs for resolving of personal problems and national and
world conditions. Formal worship services are conducted, as mentioned previously, on Wednesday
evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Each of these services has a special purpose and meaning.  

The Wednesday evening service is dedicated to both personal healing of the individual, loved ones,
family members, friends or anyone requesting and requiring physical or other healing, such as the healing
of mental or emotional problems.  

The Saturday evening service is dedicated to freedom and involves the giving of decrees and prayers for
the preservation of individual freedom and liberty and for the solving of problems in society such as drug
abuse, organized crime, etc., as well as the overcoming of world communism and tyranny.  

The Sunday service includes the giving of the Sacred Ritual for Keepers of the Flame, and is dedicated to
the expansion of illumination and understanding among all peoples.

The most common "equipment" used in worship is what is known as the "decree" (prayer) book and the
song book. Also recommended is an altar, consisting of the chart of the "I AM Presence" (the Divine Self
of man), images of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain, a crystal chalice, and candles and other sacred articles
if desired. A member usually spends from 15 minutes up to two hours or more in devotion on a daily basis.

There are no absolute dietary requirements for formal membership in the Church other than abstention
from addictive substances, such as recreational drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. There are many
recommendations as far as diet and health are concerned.  The Church recommends a diet high in
vegetable proteins, avoidance of dairy foods, and the use of predominantly cooked grains and vegetables
in one's diet. It is recommended that flesh foods be consumed in moderation, and that pork be avoided
The optimal diet is considered to be a variation of the "macrobiotic" diet as taught by Herman Aihara and
Michio Kushi. It is largely based on grains, beans, and vegetables, and includes specially prepared
vegetable proteins such as tempeh, miso, seitan, and tofu.

The Church's burial practices are that the body be placed in refrigeration, or put on ice, for seventy two
(720 hours after death. The body should not be embalmed or otherwise tampered with, and no substance
of any nature whatsoever should be injected into it or drawn from it, and no autopsy of any nature
should be conducted, except under circumstances where an autopsy is required by law or for other reasons
deemed sufficient by the Church.  

After the seventy two hour period has passed, the body should be cremated. A memorial service is held by
a minister or a designated representative of the Church.

The Church recommends the use of all standard modern medical practices for the saving and preserving of
life. Also, the Church strongly advocates good health practices for the purification and strengthening of
the physical body for the purpose of attaining optimum health. In this regard, Church members abstain
from alcoholic beverages as well as all recreational drugs including nicotine. Stimulants such as caffeine
are strongly discouraged.

The Church teaches that pacifism is the moral equivalent of surrender. It is believed that pacifism in the
face of an immoral aggressor is the surest way to bring about war and ruination at the hands of that
aggressor. The Church also believes that life is ultimately sacred, and that war should  only be
undertaken as a last resort to prevent the greater evil of tyranny and oppression. Each individual has the
God given responsibility to defend not only his own life but all innocent life under any such

The Church upholds all constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment right of all Americans to
keep and bear arms.

The Church has an active outreach ministry program nationwide and around the world. This outreach
operates under the auspices of the Church's local congregations, and consists chiefly of the conduct of
religious services and the offering of special events such as weekend seminars, public lecture series, etc.
The Church does not engage in proselytizing, but rather reaches prospective members through the
publication of its teachings in books, periodicals and audio and video tapes which are distributed in
book stores, and are widely aired on television and radio.

Recommended book length works to give an overview of the Church and its teachings would include:
Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The Astrology of the Four Horsemen: How You Call Heal Yourself and Planet
Earth. Livingston, MT: Summit Univ. Press, 1991. 619pp.
The Lost Years of Jesus. Malibu, CA: Summit Univ. Press,  1984. 401pp.
Saint Germain On Prophecy. Livingston, MT: Summit Univ. Press, 1986. 608pp.
Prophet, Mark [Saint Germain]. Studies in Alchemy: The Science of Self Transformation. Los Angeles:
Summit Univ. Press, 1962. 91pp.
Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Climb the Highest Mountain Colorado Springs, CO: Summit
Lighthouse, 1972. 516pp.
[Jesus and Kuthumi]. Corona Class Lessons ... for those who Would Teach Men the Way. Livingston,
MT: Summit Unwiv Press, 1986). 455pp.
Lords of the Seven Rays. Livingston, MT: Summit Unwiv Press, 986. 608pp.
The Lost Teachings of Jesus. Livingston, MT: Summit Univ. Press, 1986. 4 Vols.
The Science of the Spoken Word. (Colorado Springs, CO: Summit Lighthouse, 1965. 82pp.

Erin Prophet Reed
Church Universal and Triumphant
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(406) 848-7441
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Church Universal and Triumphant
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The Summit Lighthouse, Summit University, Summit University Press.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Vicar of Christ of Church Universal and

In terms of the number of individual Church members, the Church
considers that information confidential and does not release it. In terms
of the number of congregations, inside the United States there are
approximately ninety (90) formal Church congregations, and there are
congregations in approximately twenty five (25) other nations, including
most prominently Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana,
Australia, Holland, Sweden, Spain and Portugal.

The Church was formally established by Mark L. Prophet, the late
husband of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in Washington, D.C., in August of

The basic beliefs of the group are as follows: that each man and each
woman has the spark of Life which is God resident within his or her
heart. That spark represents the potential of the Christ.  Just as Jesus,
our Lord and Saviour, became the Christ, which is that Light which
lighteth every man that cometh into the world, so each of us as God's
children, through a path of spiritual discipline and service to life, in
emulation of Jesus and his great life and service, may come to share in his
Christhood as sons and daughters of God, and return to God and the
heaven world in the ritual known as the ascension.  

Man is the product of his karma -- the effects, both good and bad, of
causes set in motion in this and previous lifetimes -- hence re embodiment
is a central belief of the Church. Believing in Saint Paul's admonition
that "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap," the Church
considers that it is each man's obligation to balance his debts to life
(karma) and fulfill his "divine plan." The divine plan is unique to each
soul, and it is what God has ordained that the soul accomplish prior to
the ascension.  
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