Welcome to the Black Rose
Spiritual Center's
Belief Systems Branch

Welcome to our Belief Systems Branch.  Here you will
find all sorts of information from various belief
systems, and where to go to find more information
about them!  Here at Black Rose Spiritual Center we
are committed to providing accurate information
Black Rose Spiritual Center, Inc :
Belief Systems
(Basic information provided courtesy the U.S. Army Chaplain's
regarding belief systems.  If you feel something is incorrect in one of the listings, please contact us at
admin@blackrosespiritualcenter.org  and let us know what your comments and concerns.
With all the varied belief systems out there, sometimes it is hard to discern which belief system  matches
your personal beliefs.  Here we provide brief descriptions along with an introduction regarding the
overall belief system.  Of course, there is much more to the belief systems.   Obviously a work in progress,
and we are at the beginnings of the endeavor, we hope to expand our listing to include even more belief
systems.  Further, although our listing is primarily US based, we hope to expand to a world wide listing
in the future.  If you feel we’ve left out a belief system that should be posted, please let us know!
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