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Black Rose Spiritual Center, Inc. is a non-profit spiritual center dedicated to promoting tolerance and understanding among religious belief systems of today, both esoteric and mainstream. In our direct spiritual work, we are geared toward working with seekers one on one as they continue their life’s journey.

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It is our hope and purpose to provide an ever-expanding and informative website that allows for individuals to learn about different aspects of spiritual life through their own desires and speeds. We don’t require payment for the use of information posted on our site. If you have found it helpful, we are happy we have helped you along your path!

If you are looking for a more direct connection with a professional spiritual path counselor, you can find that here as well. Through one on one sessions with Dr. Nikki, our professional life coach and spiritual counselor. In addition, Dr. Nikki is a talented and experienced psychic who has helped thousands of people.

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